Clinic IP reports on A2J Guided Interviews at clinics

We are pleased to introduce Community legal clinics and A2J Guided Interviews, a final report for the fiscal year 2015/16 by the Clinic Interview Partnership ("Clinic IP"). This is a project exploring how online interactive technology can increase the capacity of legal clinics to serve their communities.

The project started at the Clinic in 2008. In 2012, it evolved into partnership of legal clinics, governed by a Steering Committee of clinic managers, LAO, and the Association of Community Legal Clinics of Ontario. While the Clinic continues to manage the project, 17 community legal clinics are now part of the partnership.

The report gives an overview of the project, from its inception to the present, including envisioned next steps. It describes the project's challenges and successes and summarizes some promising outcomes. The report also details observations about the technology and its potential as a capacity building tool for legal clinics.