Community Legal Clinic

71 Colborne Street East
P.O Box 275
Orillia, Ontario
L3V 6J6
Orillia: 705.326.6444
Toll Free: 800.461.8953
Fax: 705.326.9757
Email: info@communitylegalclinic.ca

Board of Directors

As part of the funding requirement with Legal Aid Ontario, all clinics must report to an independent, community-composed board. Our board of directors consists of 12 members who represent a diversity in demographics and skills. Each member participates in strategic, long-term planning for the clinic, sets priorities and manages resources. The board members also serve as representatives of their community and may therefore voice the concerns of their geographic community, or community of interest.

Time Commitment

It is expected that a member of the board will commit approximately 5 to 6 hours per month to his/her tasks. That time is broken down in attending the regular meeting of the board (approximately two hours), the reading of material in preparation for the board meeting, and committee work. There is a provision in the operating by-laws that a board member who does not attend three consecutive board meetings is dropped from the board. In the event that people are unable to attend at a board meeting, they should ensure that they contact the clinic and so advise as to not fall under the previous rule.


There are six sub-committees of the board that meet on a monthly basis: Administration Committee, Personnel Committee, Membership/Nominations Committe, Finance Committee, Strategic Planning Committee and Public Relations.

  • The Administration Committee is made up of the Chairperson, the Treasurer, the Secretary and one other Board member chosen by the Board. In the past, the other Board member has been the Vice-Chairperson. This Committee acts as an executive committee which has been provided in the past with authority to make interim decisions between Board meetings in cases of urgency.
  • The Personnel Committee deals with personnel matters, including approving job descriptions and hiring processes.
  • The Membership/Nominations Committee deals with membership in the Clinic and recruiting of Board members.
  • The Finance Committee works with the Administrator and Treasurer regarding all Clinic Accounts
  • The Strategic Planning Committee oversees the Strategic Plan of the Clinic and works with Clinic staff to ensure goals are being met within an appropriate time frame.
  • Public Relations deals with the publicity and outreach activities of the Clinic.